Ovaries Before Brovaries Box


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Yes, Valentine's Day is notoriously *the worst*, but why not change things up this year and use it as an opportunity to shower the women you love with gifts? As Leslie Knope would say, "OVARIES BEFORE BROVARIES!"

Unbound Golden Bangle Handcuffs 
These classic stacked bangles conceal a kinky twist: when separated, they can be re-secured on opposite wrists to form secure, functional handcuffs. Wear them out and just see where the night takes you. Bracelet = 2.36" x 2.56", outer cuff itself = 2.61" x 3.38", chain = 6"

Venus Necklace 
Designed and created here at Unbound, this necklace is the perfect way to put your feminism on display

Feminist as Fuck Sticker
Say it loud, say it proud with this sticker that pulls no punches. Black and 3"x3"

Pheromone-Infused Lollipop
How sweet it is.  These aphrodisiac-enhanced lollipops will give you a sugar and a libido rush

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