Peach Earrings


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We hope you're "peachy keen" to wear these fuzzy fruits or booty emojis or impeachment symbols or however you crazy kids choose to use these peaches. We won't judge. You do you, little boos.
The Peach Earrings are approximately 1.224" 1.206". Peach Earrings are cut from pretty pearl peach acrylic (plastic), mirror green acrylic (plastic) and 1/16" solid white acrylic (plastic). Peaches have a special etched message on the underside of the design. Each Peach Earring is affixed to a surgical steel post.
  • Measures approximately 1.224" x 1.206"
  • Cut from Pearl Peach, mirror green and 1/16" white acrylic (plastic)
  • Surgical steel posts

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