Aquarian Soul

Dream Space Wisdom Oil


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Oil created around the idea that dreaming, or the power of being aware of being in a dream is a skill that can be mastered. This roll on helps induce lucid dreaming through the unique combination of essential oils and crystals added to this blend. It not only helps you dream but helps you fall asleep with relaxing oils. Palo santo, or “holy wood” was solar infused into the oil to add an additional level of relaxation. Palo Santo oil is a nervous system tonic, which works as a mild sedative that can help ease you into sleep. Labradorite, moonstone and amethyst crystals are also included in this bottle. These crystals are good for dream work, exploration into other states of consciousness, improves psychic perception, and protects you in your sleep from nightmares.

  • 1/3 OZ

How to use: Roll this blend on your wrists, temples, any pulse points before bedtime. You can also smell this directly out of the bottle.

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