Girls Night Out Box


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Bad girls do it better.

This gorgeous USB-rechargeable, splashproof, multi-speed vibrator necklace is made with high polish stainless steel and features 4 speeds so you can discretely get it on wherever you are. And did we mention that because metal is a conductor it warms with use? We knew that 8th grade science would come in handy one day. 

Bijoux Oral Lip Gloss
Regular lipgloss is just so booooooring. Reach another dimension of oral sex with this hot and cold effect stimulating lip balm and make your mouth a real "door to pleasure." A secret surprise for both you and your partner, this lipgloss is totes worth it.

Glam Oil
This glittery oil nourishes and softens while giving the body and hair an alluring glow. Sweet almond oil provides a delicious scent. Great for all skin types, the illuminating and beautifying effect of this luscious oil will captivate with its sexy glow.

Get your Lady and the Tramp on with this flirty lollipop. We also love the sophisticated Strawberry and Sparkling Wine flavor that will linger deliciously on both of your tongues.

Unbound Body Chain
jeans. This chic cross-body chain redeems the concept in a way worthy of a modern, Unbound woman. It also features a convenient front clasp and small gold “UN” charm on one side. Wear it out under a low-cut blazer or stay in and take advantage of the crisscross design that leaves nipples exposed for further play.

Sir Richards Condoms
Not only do these condoms feel great, they’re vegan, odorless and glycerin-, paraben-, spermicide- and petrochemical-free.

Before During and After Mints
These intense mints will make you even more kissable during foreplay, while enhancing sensation during oral sex.

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