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Punker Original Smoky Shadow


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Product Details

A waterproof matte charcoal eyeshadow pencil that doubles as eyeliner to create a complete smoky eye look in seconds. Bring some rock & roll edge back into smoky eyes with this matte charcoal eyeshadow pencil. PUNKER Smoky Shadow makes it easy to create a complete smoky eye look in seconds: Apply on the entire eyelid, smudge with fingers to create a diffused smoke effect (blending is not required), sharpen the pen, line your eyes and rock on!

  • Can also be used as a base under any colored eyeshadow to create a colorful smoky
  • Volatile silicone oil provides ultimate staying power
  • Mica reflects light and intensifies color
  • Shade: Black Smoke (charcoal)
  • Matte finish
  • Made in Germany
  • 0.165 oz

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