Vacation Box

Vacation Box


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Business or pleasure? As if that were a real question.  Our Vacation Box is full of travel-sized delights for an unhurried, sexy vacationLong flight? Apply a dollop of Uberlube, and join the solo mile-high club with the ever-so-discreet Jimmyjane Intro 1 vibe.  Or after you land, give our sexy foreign phrase cards a whirl and chat up a new friend to tie up in your hotel room with your easy-to-use (and aptly named) quickie cuffs, before you indulge them with the delights of warming massage oil and a teasing feather tickler. When it's time to finally step out if the hotel room, lock up all your goodies in your Plume adult toy case.
Intro 1
This slim (and surprisingly powerful) finger bullet vibrator is the perfect thing to toss in your suitcase or purse for sexy times on the go.
Tantus Super Soft C-Ring
This light, soft ring is flexible enough to accommodate a wide range of sizes and can be applied before or during an erection to allow him to last longer for you and enjoy a more intense orgasm. 
Quickie Cuffs
These simple yet strong silicone cuffs allow you to enjoy restraint play without killing time and the mood fastening elaborate knots, buckles and locks.  Bonus: won’t set off any airport metal detectors
Exsens Warming Massage Oil
Perfect for mind blowing foreplay at home or abroad, this sensuous, delectable oil features a heating effect that intensifies with mouth-to-skin contact.  
This luxuriously thick, hydrophobic silicone lube is perfect for sex in the ocean, pool or hotel suite shower.  Or it also works great on land, we suppose- just make sure not to pair with any silicone toys (as it could degrade them).  Comes with a discrete brushed aluminum case to keep it safe from leaks and nosy tsa agents.
Good Clean Love Lube
This lovely 100% natural water based lube works with your body to stimulate natural lubrication and pairs perfectly with your favorite silicone toys.
She Wipes
The last thing on your mind post-vacation romp is to clean your toys. Use these hygienic wipes after use and you’ll be good to go. They’re body safe and fragrance free so you can keep it clean while you’re getting dirty.

Bijoux Indiscrets Wanderlust Kit
Good things come in travel-sized packages. This pleasure kit contains Aphrodisia scented massage oil and body mist, Skin Addiction massage gel, Aphrodisia arousal cream, a feather tickler and two satin restraints (that can also work nicely as a gag- just sayin).
Plume Mini Moi Case 
This amazing travel case is tailor made to lovingly protect all your erotic goodies on the go.  A mesh pocket fits condoms and other small items while rubberized woven elastic straps keeps larger toys in place , and an antibacterial coating discourages keeps everything nice and tidy. 
Sexy Foreign Phrase Cards
Traveling solo and trying to seduce a debonair Spaniard or looking to convince a pretty French girl to join you and your partner for a little menage? These cards have you covered. 

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